A creative opportunity with an impact we can make unlike any other

“Sometimes it takes only one act of kindness and caring to change a person’s life.”
– Jackie Chan

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1. What we need - $2000 by the 13th of December
2. How you can help
3. What I will create for you

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a religious festival or like millions - re-contextualised it to be a symbol of unity, family, gratitude, and giving, it is for millions a symbol of light and hope. Christmas is a global time to show those we love and care about deeply that the years ups and downs are seen, that the are heard and loved.


I have connected with thousands of youth from my district, actively and avidly assisting them transition into young adulthood. Many of the youth cannot access the Government Youth Allowance program to assist them in standing and building their foundation, nor do they have any familial support to guide them through a period of struggle in their life.


I currently am focused on personally nurturing 1 bright beautiful young woman, who has asked me gently to respect her anonymity.
Her potential to grow and create true meaningful compassionate impact in this world is unlike anything I have seen and it truly touches my heart. For the future of humanity rests on the shoulders and vision of our young generations.

I have been her mentor for several years now, and it truly saddens me to know that in 2 weeks time, despite working 2 jobs, her home will be stripped from her so I have urgently contributed to preventing this from occurring. When we have an unstable foundation, and our attention is focused only on survival, it strips our ability to execute on our grander visions.  So -

For the next 2 weeks I'm opening myself up to taking creative projects with all of the funds donated to saving her home. My hope is to open the doors of opportunity for her to step with confidence into a new decade, this 2020, so that she may focus on making an impact and nurturing her potential.


"The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

- Tony Robbins


My personal journey is so intimately connected with the journey of these youth, given a time where I was affected with instability, at my most vulnerable, hindering the blossoming of my dreams - it was through the kindness, compassion, understanding, generosity and love from many around me which nurtured me in being able to pursue my dreams.


Struggle is something we all understand at a core level.


My only wish for Christmas is to help support bright youth in need - to help support this bright, beautiful young woman to grow by saving her home.



If this sings to your heart,
The fundraising goal is: $2000

By: 13th December 2019


  • For a donation between $30 - $50 I will send you an A5 print of a piece of art I've made of your choosing with unique embellishments (details added post print by hand)

  • For a donations of $51 - $100 I will create for you a unique piece of art A6 in size

  • For donations between $101 - $199 I will create for you a unique piece of art A5 in size

  • For donations of $200 - $299 I will create for you a unique piece of art A4 in size

  • For donations of $300 or more, let's create an art piece with specifications of your choosing


Click here to pick your artwork/ get inspiration for some art

If we together exceed the fundraising goal, the money will be donated into my second vision to help the extended youth this New Year

The most impactful gift - Help save a home this Christmas

***Donors insight:
Daily donations are being given to cover her basic living necessities, thus a fundraising platform was not used for that only allows withdrawals post goal completion

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step 5:

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lets talk art - we'll discuss a unique piece of art for you

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smile knowing you helped change a life & that I'm creating for you

All earnings go towards creating free and readily accessible educational content for the refinement of abstract thinking for all content creators.

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