A  b  o  u  t    m  y    a  r  t

“You may not be blind, but can you see in the dark?”
 ~ Luis Marques

Each piece of art I create is the geometric encapsulation of collective consciousness – the unified whole. The main conceptual themes of my creations are, cosmology, mathematics, alchemy, psychological perspective lenses, and ‘fractilic’ layers of creation.  I draw inspiration from ancient esoteric wisdom which hold fundamental distillates of truth. All of my pieces take a fragment of this, and through my perceptual lens explore its multidimensional relationships to mind, body and spirit. Through my introspective creative process I attempt to expand my relational architectures – throw myself in a realm unknown (the dark) and light a flame that grows ever so bright, expanding my mind into the very depths of oceans truths. I hope to be the beacon of light which paves the path for we – you and I - and through my art resonate with your intrinsic core.

What inspires me and my purpose as an artist:

I believe that the things we wear are an externalised glimpse into who we are within our minds. What differentiates you from another person - and yet paradoxically what unifies you, the other and I is the non-segregated mind (objective mind). Allow me to explain... (Click to read more)

All earnings go towards creating free and readily accessible educational content for the refinement of abstract thinking for all content creators.

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