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Sculpting the Abstract Mind – The Age of Content Creators

"The unemployment of arts graduates is shameful and unnecessary because culture has answers and highly useful consolations to the urgent dilemmas of real people. We just need to get these insights out, package them properly, and commercialise them adequately, so that the armies of people currently serving coffee can put their minds to proper use."

Alain de Botton - On Being an Unemployed Arts Graduate

I have an absolute burning passion for understanding the mechanisms behind the abstract mind, not only through my own creative process but through a scientific understanding of how it functions across disciplines. Catalysed by teaching specifically the mechanics behind creativity and how to refine the skill of abstract thinking in individuals, I believe that the operation of today’s paradigm will undergo significant positive change. It is my mission is to empower young creatives by increasing the weight we as a society place on creativity.

Our Mission and Project

This massive crowdfunding project is a very unique one that impacts and nourishes us all. Each and every one of us has a strong urge to develop a powerful abstract/ creative mind to catalyse the growth of our interests and passions. A life lived without passion is a life not lived. Now is the time to start, for it is never ever too late... (click to read more)

All earnings go towards creating free and readily accessible educational content for the refinement of abstract thinking for all content creators.

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