Sculpting the Abstract Mind – The Age of Content Creators

This massive crowdfunding project is a very unique one that impacts and nourishes us all. Through focusing on the optimisation and development of the abstract/ creative mind by correcting the imbalance of today’s education system, it is my mission to empower and facilitate the growth of all content creators.

Each and every one of us has an immense urge to develop a powerful abstract/ creative mind to catalyse the growth of our interests and passions. There is however a grievous incongruity between a fundamental necessity – developing ones passions unhindered, and our current educational system.

It is today where we sit within a classroom or a lecture hall feverishly taking down notes - cramming to merely regurgitate information during an examination. To critically analyse, develop healthy scepticism and draw one’s own conclusions is a basic essential skill of paramount importance. Life’s challenges are always tackled with creative problem solving skills, it is no wonder that it is a highly sought after attribute in all employees and individuals in even the corporate businesses environment. Our institutions however do not teach us how to develop this. Through supporting this project we have an opportunity to help teach and refine abstract/ creative thinking skills, nourishing and assisting the growth of our smallest to largest of goals.

The aim for each week is a ballsy one $1000 AUD

1 dollar is 1 step taken forward towards ridding the impoverished individual sapped of essential education.

The money collected will pave a path in elegantly creating powerful video and written content that is educational and provided to all free of charge. It will tackle concepts ranging from exploring what abstract thinking is, what are it’s mechanics, how does it function and its application in multiple realms of science, the arts and daily life. The content will form a concentrated epicentre to teach what is ought to be taught to a motivated mind.

We in today’s society do not understand the mechanics of abstract thinking – how it functions, nor what its purpose is. The unfortunate dire consequence of this is that it leaves a significant portion of the world’s population in poverty, and for those who follow the creative path are greatly disregarded as “significant”.

Poverty refers directly to the most fundamental necessities for life. Why should the physicality’s be all that we class under “the essentials”?  Is it just to push away and marginalise a crucial component of our lives that sparks our inner fire and makes us feel “alive”? What about our passions; how can we neglect the essence of what drives us beyond merely survival? How would we feel every day without a single fragment of our mind tuned towards our personal and unique interests...

We would be a mere “machine” actuating the process of life absent of our sense of individuality.

Abstract thinking is a skill. Just like logic, it is most certainly something that can be understood, taught and built upon. People whom we all consider geniuses such as Nikola Tesla had a highly sculpted and functional abstract mind working in harmony with their logical mind. Our brains are excessively malleable and because of this, genius can be sculpted – it is never too late. To deny the development of abstract thinking is to deny the growth of our inner genius.

To adventure and leave a powerful mark that encapsulates who we intrinsically are, to share our perspective with the world - this is the nature of our unified human experience… why not sculpt it to perfection.

Art has the power to shift a paradigm. With the lack of societal understanding for what abstract thinking is and why it is important, we are diverting our future innovators and paradigm shifters to jobs that are “more respectable” but have so little impact.


 Every dollar is a tangible step towards a proper education in crafting the skills to empower and accomplish ones creative goals.  A life lived without passion is a life not lived, it is never too late to start.

The future of human kind collectively thanks you.

All earnings go towards creating free and readily accessible educational content for the refinement of abstract thinking for all content creators.

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