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I believe that the things we wear are an externalised glimpse into who we are within our minds. What differentiates you from another person - and yet paradoxically what unifies you, the other and I is the non-segregated mind (objective mind). Allow me to explain. The human brain is calibrated to view things dualistically. For example, black cannot exist without white, up implies down and, Yin cannot exist without Yang. There is however another prominent perspective, one can see it if we calibrate our minds *lens. This is the viewpoint of unity. Rather than separate something only into its constituent components (the algorithmic lines) - you can create the sum of all components and represent it through geometry. 

With reference to the above examples, this places black on top of white making grey, up and down as the vector sum of 0, Yin and Yang as the balanced masculine and feminine dynamic.

Geometric forms known by the ancients for millennia, symbols encrusted within the temples of Egypt to the scrolls of Hindu text. My art holds the universal fingerprint of mind – the residual distillation of all perspectives right back down to core.

I hope to seed a nugget of truth within all my pieces for anyone who lays their eyes upon to nestle within, and gently blossom within their mind. I hope that my art aids as a map for ones ascension within themselves.

Each symbol within my piece represents something. If you look at each symbol with relation to one another meaning can be drawn. For example, if a circle’s origin point is connected to a line,

 - the origin point may symbolise the seed of infinite possibility

 - the circle, its potential realm of influence (like a magnetic field)

 - the line that extends from the origin point beyond, the seed blossoming over a period of time


Then you take “The seed blossoming over a period of time”  and overlay its concept to your own personal context. What does that mean to you in your own personal life? (PICES)

- Physical growth

- Intellectual growth

- Creative growth

- Emotional growth

- Spiritual growth

Perhaps if one resonates with, they may eventually comes to absorb the lines within.


**“Lens” is the jargon I use to describe the distortion of reality from its non-differentiated state. All distortions are essentially perspectives (a subjective perspective). If we look through our own psychological lens - then overlay them, the subjective perspective may come to a focus point (objective perspective).  Piece my puzzle together and discover the picture within - correct your lens to see the “focus-point” of self.

My Artistic Journey: 

My very first memory was painting on the walls of my parents’ home with my mother’s nail polish. I grew up in a very strict tight environment, surrounded by ideologies firmly congruent to societal beliefs. Undervalued was the creative realm. This is a result of society fixated on “a to b” linear progression - how can they with maximum efficiency progress forward.

When the mechanics behind what creativity is and how it functions is so unknown, it gets displaced by something that is familiar. Subject to this ideology wrapped neatly by the subjects, Maths, English, Science, History, Geography etc, my inner heart and mind was thrown into a position of dissonance. It was within this dissonance where escapism and pure creativity blossomed, un-tainted by the influence of external ideals – my art is a pure, raw, powerful expression of my inner self.

The trained abstract mind is the vessel for creative expression. Endless. Limitless. Potential. Untrained however, the creative mind explores only the façade, and is unable find the philosophical distillation of its interest – the core idea at the root of passion.

Beyond my physical creative process, I believe art is created to shatter the paradigmatic mindset of the masses. If it is the art which shapes a paradigm, who shapes the artist?  Understanding the mechanics of creativity through, and pushing the thresholds of creative expression is my passion.  I utilise psychoanalysis as a tool for removing perceived thresholds within the creative mind, unleashing the endless limitless potential in young artists.

 I strive to shred light upon and correct the mindset that, {Creative potential + pursuing creativity as a career = Starving artist} Let’s make one thing clear, the starving artist Does. Not. Exist. The starving artist mental complex however - does exist. The fault resides not within logistics themselves - yes the social paradigm undervalues creativity. But.

All takes is a seed with limitless potential to nestle themselves in any medium. When nurtured and empowered may that seed blossom and spread their neural tissues and embody a perspective lens that no-one has ever seen. A lens that is so inspiring and so powerful It shatters. a. paradigm.

And that is why I’m here.

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All earnings go towards creating free and readily accessible educational content for the refinement of abstract thinking for all content creators.

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